Making education system more personalized

This weekend we managed to organize UNIHACK 2021, international ideathon designed to disrupt existing educational systems.

Working with data and recommender systems for years, I just cannot believe, how these modern technologies are largely ignored by educational institutions in their internal processes. This is directly responsible for wasted time and opportunities of talented students, but also inability to attract and reward motivated teachers and mentors from academia and business.

I was hoping to bring solutions to challenges described in my Linkedin article:

Here are the projects that participants managed to submit:

There are many interesting ideas, from all around the world. Just check some projects, even those that were not awarded a prize are interesting…

We are building a community to help educational institutions adapt to new challenges and use their data efficiently to best interests of their students. If you are interested in joining us, just subscribe to Unihack 2021 slack, you will find a lot of interesting resources and we will inform you about next steps.

@FIT_CTU, @DataLab_CTU, @recombee,

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